FACES: A multicultural-video-art-project created by Jan Ising & Bartosz Navarra.
The “universal face” as a giant 3-dimensional projection surface will show you how similar we all are and will impress you with unexpected pictures of the venue
We, as the FACES Team are going to present the FACES OF „your city“ in our own Photo- & Video-Language.
Each City we are visiting gets his own individual production and step by step we are building up a collection. The FACES gallery: FACES OF THE WORLD.

The Face of a city is much more than just 1 or 2 prominent person a name or 1 monument.
We think, that every person, every building, every monument, the architecture and the history is a important piece to create the identity of a place.
This is what we will bring together with our project.

FACES OF „your city“ will present this combined Face and it is connecting pictures, people & impressions in a certainly entertaining video-light-art production.
In 2011 we started with our Project FACES OF … producing the FACES OF BERLIN and in spring 2012 we have been invited to create as a German artist team the FACES OF JERUSALEM. In November 2012 the Festival GLOW invited us to present FACES OF THE NETHERLANDS.

Check out our growing FACES OF … gallery and follow us online:

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