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PANI, Austria 

It is difficult to find a theatre worldwide without a Pani Slide Projector. Pani is the ultimate professional partner about slide projections on architecture. Pani is realizing great art-architecture projections in almost all light festivals worldwide.


Since 2011 we are connected to the the artistic team of this spectacular Light Festival in the holy city of Jerusalem. In 2012 we could integrate the Projects „FACES OF JERUSALEM“ and „P.H.A.S.“ To present international free art projects in-between the holy areal of the different religions is a real challenge but the international visitors […]


2010 the FOL called Jan Ising ( to support the Team. He created the Opening Ceremony „Lights on“ at the Potsdamer Platz with about 5000 Visitors and several VIP`s like the Mayor of Berlin. He stayed at the Team and became the Projectmanager and Artistic Coordinator for the FOL 2011 Together with the existing […]

P.H.A.S. / Please have a seat 

The coloured light awakes emotions in the people and everyone is curious how it is to ”sit on light”, says the light artist Bernd Spiecker. His Lightbench objects had their premiere in 2011 as a part of the “Festival of Lights” in Berlin. 2012 he could present his installation at the Luminale in Frankfurt and […]

let there be light 

FACES: A multicultural-video-art-project created by Jan Ising & Bartosz Navarra. The “universal face” as a giant 3-dimensional projection surface will show you how similar we all are and will impress you with unexpected pictures of the venue We, as the FACES Team are going to present the FACES OF „your city“ in our own Photo- […]

This Is A Gallery 

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This is a Link

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.

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